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Accessing the CVCC Calendar via OWA

From the Outlook web application, go to Calendar View by clicking the calendar icon in the bottom left corner [Image 1].

 Screen 1.png

Image 1

From Calendar View, navigate to the top menu and select ‘Add calendar’ and you will be given a drop down list of available locations to choose where you would like to add the calendar from. You will select ‘From directory’ [Image 2].

Screen 2.png

Image 2 

Next, an ‘Open calendar’ dialog box will display. In the search box, you will type ‘CVCC Calendar.’ Once you begin typing, the CVCC Calendar will automatically pop up as an available calendar option [Image 3].

Screen 3.png
Image 3

You will left-click ‘CVCC Calendar’ from the list results and then left-click the green selection box labeled ‘Open’ [Image 4].

Screen 4.png
Image 4

You will now see ‘CVCC Calendar’ in your list of available calendars.  To ensure that the calendar displays within your main calendar view, simply left-click the calendar title. If the calendar is selected, the title will be highlighted. To stop viewing this calendar, left-click again to unselect the calendar [Image 5].

Screen 5.png
Image 5

You can also change the default color of the CVCC Calendar to differentiate it from your other calendars by right-clicking on ‘CVCC Calendar’ and selecting ‘Color.’ This same menu is where you also have the option of renaming or deleting the calendar, should you choose to do so [Image 6].

Screen 6.png
Image 6