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Accessing the CVCC Calendar via the Outlook Desktop Application

From the Outlook desktop application, go to Calendar View by clicking the calendar icon in the bottom left corner [Image 1].

Image 1
Image 1

From Calendar View, right-click ‘shared calendar’ under the list of available calendars; hover over ‘add calendar’ with your mouse and left-click ‘From Address Book’ [Image 2] to open an address book [Image 3].

 Image 2.jpg 

Image 2

Image 3.jpg 

Image 3

From the ‘address book window,’ left-click the down arrow displayed on the right side of the currently displayed address book header [Image 4] and left-click ‘Global Address List.’ 

 Image 4.jpg

Image 4

With the ‘Global Address List’ selected as the current displayed list, type ‘CVCC calendar’ in the search box to the left. This should highlight the CVCC Calendar in the address listing [Image 5].  Double left-click on the highlighted CVCC Calendar within the list to select it as the calendar you wish to add and click ‘OK.’  

Image 5.jpg
Image 5

At this point, the CVCC Calendar should be displayed under the ‘Shared Calendar’ heading on the left side [Image 6]

Image 7.jpg

Image 6

The box beside the ‘CVCC Calendar’ listing is a toggle.  When ‘checked’ the calendar is displayed. When ‘unchecked’ the calendar is not displayed [Image 7].

 Image 8.jpg

Image 7

The calendar color can be changed by right clicking the calendar name; hovering over the ‘color’ menu selection and selecting the desired color [Image 8]. 

The menu shown by right clicking the calendar name includes an ‘overlay’ selection.  Left clicking this option will overlay the selected calendar with the calendar that is active in the display so that both can be viewed in one large calendar, rather than two calendars side-by-side.

Image 10.jpg 

Image 8