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A.            Hours of Operation
1.            Event Hours-Normal event hours are 7am to 9pm, prior approval is required for hours other than listed.
2.            The College will be closed on selected holidays including but not limited to New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Prior approval is required for the dates listed above.
3.            Inclement weather or other unscheduled events or situations such as power failure may force the closing of the College, scheduled events will be canceled. For those events that cannot be rescheduled, any fees collected will be refunded to the applicant or group.
B.            Priority for Use of College Space
1.            College Needs
2.            Local and State Government
3.            Nonprofit public service community groups
4.            Other organizations and individuals
C.            Facilities Usage
1.            A Facilities Use Application will be submitted to the College for Local and State Government, Nonprofit public service community groups, and other organizations and individuals. In addition, a Certificate of Liability Insurance may be required when deemed necessary.
2.            CVCC may assess appropriate fees for equipment and facility use to individuals or groups who are not members of the campus community. Security fees may be assessed to defray the actual costs of providing security when the size of the audience may pose a risk to safety.  Fees will be assessed during the application process when applicable.
3.            The space approved for the applicant will include the furniture and/or equipment normally provided in the area.
4.            The provided furniture and /or equipment must remain in place, unless prior approval is obtained.
D.            Events
Any and all events must be authorized and scheduled to use space at the College by an authorized College Representative.
1.            Prohibited Events
a.            Events that pose an excessive risk to the safety of the building, occupants, or private property.
2.            General Regulations
a.            The event host must sign the Facilities Use Request and abide by the guidelines for the use of the College as contained herein.
b.            The event must not interfere with the regular College activities.
c.             The throwing of rice, bird seed, confetti, rose petals, or litter of any kind is not permitted.
e.            Bookings generally will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
f.             Scheduling and details are arranged by Facilities Management
g.            The President of Central Virginia Community College has the right of discretion to void any contract.
3.            Cancellations/Denials
1.      The College reserves the right to refuse to accept bookings. Rejections of requests may occur         when these or other reasons are considered:
a.            The expected attendance exceeds the posted or determined occupancy rate for the space/venue
b.            The space is unavailable (Maintenance, Mechanical repairs, etc.)
c.             The request conflicts with other approved scheduled events
d.            The event may unduly tax the College's facilities. The College is physically unable to meet /support the needs/requirement of the request
e.            The request for space is incomplete with missing/omitted details or information
f.             The Request does not comply with the Provisions/Regulations of the Expressive Activity Policy, if applicable.
g.            The applicant may have previously breached the agreement for facility usage. This includes non-payment from previous usage of the facilities.
4.            Decorations
Decorations may be permitted with advance approval of the College with the following exclusions:
a.            No decorations may be affixed to walls, floors or ceilings.
b.            No postings are permitted on doors, windows, walls, mirrors, or bathroom stalls.
c.             Users are required to remove and appropriately dispose of all decorations immediately following an event unless prior arrangements have been made with the College.
5.            Security
a.            Security is required for all events that will have more than 100 participants and are open to the general public, unless specifically exempted by the College.
b.            Private events, such as birthday parties, wedding receptions and prom gatherings with less than 100 participants may require security.
c.             Security will be provided by off-duty campus police and/or the City of Lynchburg Police Officers.
d.            Security must be provided from one half-hour prior to the start of the event and remain until one-half hour after the completion of the event.
e.            Security payment arrangements must be approved/confirmed prior to the event and the College will bill to the user following the event.
6.            Alcohol
a.            The consumption/possession of alcohol on CVCC property must be pre-approved.
b.            Consumption/possession of alcoholic beverages will require a properly approved ABC permit and verification of insurance liability coverage.  A copy of these documents must be on file with campus police at least three days prior to the event or the event may be canceled.
c.             BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE events and/or any unapproved possession are prohibited.
7.            Kitchen
a.            Everyone using kitchen areas are required to follow posted equipment usage regulations. Regulations are posted throughout the kitchen area.
b.            Users or their designee (such as a caterer) are responsible for cleaning the kitchen area including sweeping the kitchen, emptying the trash cans, basic cleaning of all equipment.
c.             Central Virginia Community College is not responsible for damaged, lost, or misplaced items belonging to users or caterers.
Policy approved by President’s Cabinet on November 19, 2018