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Expressive Activity Events
Enhanced Safety/Security & Prohibited Actions/Items Policy
Purpose: To provide a safe environment for event attendees, CVCC has implemented several enhanced safety/security measures that may be used for some events including a clear bag for personal contents and metal detectors use procedure.
Safety/Security enhancements may include:
Any or all of the safety/security measures contained within this policy may be initiated for a specific event when CVCC campus police or other local, state or federal officials advise/determines it is necessary and/or prudent to do so for the safety of participants.    
Clear bags: Bags must be clear plastic, vinyl, PVC or other materials that provides unobstructed view of the bag/container contents. A clear plastic freezer bags (Ziploc bag or similar item) are also permitted.
Metal detectors: Metal detectors may be used during some events and will be determined on case-by-case bases, upon consultation with Campus Police and/or other law enforcement officials.
Prohibited Actions/Items:
·         Air Horns, megaphones or other devices that emit sound above (85dB) decibels
·         Alcoholic beverages **
·         Animals (except service dogs)
·         Flammable liquids or substances
·         Flasks
·         Glass bottles or containers
·         Illegal material/substances
·         Open flame devices/ torches
·         Smoking to include use of electronic devices ***
·         Sticks and poles
·         Tents ****
·         Toy guns or replicas
·         Unmanned aircraft systems (including drones)
·         Weapons, fireworks, and explosives
 **    Except when approved with an ABC permit
***   Except in designated Gazebos,
**** Except for approved college sponsored and signature events 
Policy approved by the President’s Cabinet on November 19, 2018